Let It Go

I didn’t send Christmas cards this year. It is just something that causes me stress. So this year, I let it go. I also let go of putting bows on my gifts. Wrapping gifts is not one of my gifts. Wrapping gifts, and putting ribbons and bows on them is just not something I’m good at. I look at how people wrap and feel bad about myself. I struggle with the ribbon, what color, and how big the bow should be. It takes me 30 minutes to wrap just one present. Then I am not happy with the outcome.

So, this year I decided not to do bows and ribbons, just paper with a name tag. What fun I had. I took a chore that I always put off and hated, and turned it into fun. I put on Christmas music or a Christmas movie, grabbed a glass or wine, and went at it.


The next thing I let go of was sending Christmas cards. It’s not something I enjoy. For some reason, sending Christmas cards feels cumbersome and not fun. And, it takes me a long time. It adds stress, so as the song says, I “let it go.” The people I love know I love them and will not feel less loved because I didn’t send a card.

By giving myself permission not to do these things, something great happened. It freed up space for me to get more things done. I had all my gifts in the mail by Dec. 10th. Had all my shopping done by Dec. 14th. This has never happened before.

So, in keeping with letting things go, for my Christmas party I had it catered. I just had to pick up the food by 4:00 and I was done. On the day of the party, I relaxed, took a walk, read a book. Now, if you enjoy cooking, writing cards, and wrapping presents with ribbon and bows, then do it. I am saying that perhaps sometimes we do things a certain way because we measure ourselves by what others do. When maybe we should do it our way.

No one will like their present less because there is no bow. No one will care that I had the party catered. We gather to be with each other not to comment on the food. If you don’t receive a card from me you are not loved less, in fact, you know you are loved because I call you all year. You don’t just hear from me with a Christmas card update about my life. You already know what is going on with me because you are IN my life.

Life is too short to worry and stress. Don’t set a measure by what others do. Do things your way.

Live, laugh, and love.

Merry, Merry Christmas My Friends.