What are you Missing?

Everyday, we have moments that are perfect. Most of the time, we miss them because we are too busy or we are in a situation that we think can’t have a “perfect” moment. When the unexpected joy happens do we enjoy it? Sometimes, unexpected joy can be small things, small moments that may be easy to miss. It could be a sunset or perhaps even a smile from a stranger. Joyful gifts don’t have to be big, grandiose things. I think the best ones are small, the unexpected ones.

I recently took a trip with my husband. He surprised me with an upgrade to first class. What a treat! I gave myself to it. I savor each minute of my travel. I am in the moment. The enjoyment of a glass of wine , the comfort of more leg room. When I am “in the moment” I’m not thinking about what I might need to do tomorrow or any problem I might have. I am in the now. For me, I don’t worry about my special needs daughter, or the things on my to do list. I am in the present.

I look out the window of the plane and see the sunset. It is beautiful. Tomorrow may be filled with things I have to do. Perhaps things I don’t want to do. But here, right now, it is perfect. And I am enjoying it, I am enveloped in the feeling of it.

It makes me stop and think about how may other joyful moments I am missing. It reminds me to look for the joy in everyday. Oft times, we allow the mundane things in life to drown out the joy.

Did you have a perfect moment with your child that you missed? Did that perfect joyful moment with your spouse get lost in your day?

Life might not be perfect or joyous in big ways many times. It is the joy in the quiet times that we miss, A kiss on the lips, a hand that reaches toward you, a smile and a kind word. Are you missing your perfect moment?