Perfect Timing

I was thinking today about the direction in which my life is going.  How several years ago I would not have been ready for the changes that have occurred for me recently. This thinking led me to the thought of how God has perfect timing.

I think oft times we over look His timing because it conflicts with our wants. In this age of instant gratification we cannot wait for His timing, so we make up our own.

When a decision is before us we become impatience for His answer and perhaps lazy in our quest for it. I know I too am guiltily of wanting a clear answer when I pray. I would like God to leave a sticky note so I am clear on his answer. But alas, he does not. I must search for signs and ever realize that His timing is not the same as mine.

I know this from personally experience. I waited and waited for someone special to come into my life, Sixteen years to be exact. During those long and lonely years I prayed for someone, But God knew it was not time. He knew that I had three boys to raise and a daughter who needed special help. He knew that to raise them properly I needed to focus on them.  I did not like it. I could have, I’m sure, found someone sooner and perhaps it would have worked out. But God knew I was not ready, and in truth I was not. I had neither the time nor the energy to take care of one more person.

Relationships take work and I had too much on my plate.  So God didn’t send me my special someone till He knew I was ready. And because I had waited so long I didn’t recognize him at first. Luckily God gave him the gift of persistence and slowly and ever so surely, he found my heart.

In God’s perfect timing I am fully able to enjoy this gift of my someone special.  Now that my boys are out of the house and my daughter is more independent. I have time to embrace the joy of being in love. I am able to travel and go out to dinner. I have time to take care and nurture this new love of mine. And now instead of seeing this relationship as more work for me, I find the delight in caring for him.

Oh yes dear friend, God Has perfect timing if we but look and be patience. If we take a moment to really look at our wants and know that God always give us what we need, albeit at His own pace and all in good time.