A Love Letter

Where have all the letters gone? I’m not talking about the alphabet. I am talking about a written letter; a piece of paper with words on it, written by our own hand and more specifically, a love letter.

In this age of technology I think we have forgotten the sweetness of the love letter, forgotten the meaning of a hand written letter filled with our feeling for that special person, the one we love. You don’t have to be a great writer to write one, you just have to love someone.

I have had the unexpected joy of loving my special someone and as I share most things with you my reader, I wanted to share an edited version (I can’t share everything with you) of a love letter to him. My hope would be that perhaps it inspires you to write your own.


I have waited many long, lonely years for you. Of course I didn’t know that it was you I was waiting for, I didn’t even know your name, so when I met you, I didn’t recognize you.  My first feelings for you were really more about me and how I felt. I guess maybe I had forgotten how to love. But you, ever patient, guided me; you showed me how to love again.

I love the gentle touch of your hand in mine, your shoulder to lean on when I‘m feeling blue, and the sound of my name spoken with love.

My days and thoughts are filled with you and it makes me smile. I know on my road of life if one thing had changed I would not have met you. I am blessed.

Ever Yours,