Hope, it’s a small word with big impact.  You first learn about the word when you are small. It may begin with a hoped for toy. As we get older in our teens we continue to learn about the word, we hope that our parents will let us go on a trip or we hope that cute boy might ask us out.

Our first dances with hope are selfish; the hope is directed back at us.  As we grow and start to think more of the world around us, our hope starts to encompass more; it allows us to be more.

Hope, it’s a small word but it‘s strong. It’s the word that you can hold on to when all goes wrong. It’s the word that you can cling to when all else fails. All you have to do to see the strength of hope is to ask someone who has clung to it.

All any of us needs is just a little hope. A little hope goes a long way. And once you have a little hope it can grow. It can bloom and take shape in ways we never had imagined

Hope, it’s a small word that allows us to dream, and the sweet thing about dreaming with hope is, that no dream is too big.

In our lifetime we use hope in many different ways.  It can help us through tragedy, it can sustain us until some far off dream is attained, or it can simply be there as a feeling we can wrap our self in for comfort.

Now of course, we don’t always get what we hope for and that sometimes can be devastating.  But that should never ever, keep you from hoping. Because even when you think all hope is lost, it’s not. It’s still in the place you’ve always kept it, next to your heart.

Hope, it’s a small word, but we just can’t live without it.