Sunrise, Sunset

I have a favorite time of day, two actually. I love the early morning, sunrise,  a time when the world is just waking up with me, a time of quiet. I can have a cup of tea, and listen to the birds singing and bringing in the new day. It is a moment when my house is not yet filled with noise. Children still slumber peacefully in bed, no demands yet on my time.

I like the phrase “dawn of a new day.” It paints a word picture in my mind of the day slowly waking, calmly, peacefully.  The morning is important. It can set the tone for the day. I try never to rush the morning because I know that once the day is fully upon me it can gather momentum, like a wheel going down hill that I never can catch.

As I get lost in the day doing the things I have to do, things people want me to do and places I have to go, I sometime forge ahead and don’t take a breathe till my other favorite time of day, sunset.

This is a time to slow down, to leave work, worries and sometimes responsibilities at the door. I have a group of friends and when we are together we plan our days around the sunset. Sunsets can be a spectacular sight, but even when you are in a place where the topography is not, it is still a moment to slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labor. I know that sometimes after a particularly challenging day it may be hard to recognize those fruits. Which is the very reason we should.

As mornings are for beginnings, evenings are for endings, a time for enjoying our loved ones who we have been apart from all day.

I don’t always get to enjoy my favorite times of day. Sometimes I oversleep, I have school in the evenings, or someone is sick. So you might say in theory this is a good idea but you don’t have time. Most assuredly this probably is true. Since I know it is not feasible everyday, I try to set aside time several times a week to enjoy my early mornings and sunsets.

I think of this as a little vacation time that doesn’t cost any money. I’d rather be in the mountains in the morning or the ocean at sunset, but till that happens, the view from my back porch with a cup of tea or a glass of wine is just fine!



Recently someone I love very much disappointed me. This of course is a given. If you ever have a relationship with anyone at some point they will disappoint you and make you angry.

This does not mean they don’t love you, it means they are human. In my disappointment I try to remember that I too have disappointed people.  I didn’t set out to hurt the ones I love and neither did my loved one.

How we respond to disappointment is our choice. Our response is important. It can allow a person to recognize their mistake and to make amends or it can cause a rift. In understanding that a mistake is a learning moment, not intended to hurt, but rather a moment where you can clarify thoughts and feelings, a moment to learn to show grace and forgiveness, if we just let it.

Showing grace and forgiveness does not mean that there are not consequences to actions. Indeed it is important that there are consequences. That’s how we learn.  When our children disappoint by making a bad choice, part of the learning is in the consequence. Sometimes, it is in the disappointing of someone that makes the biggest impact.

I hope those I care about know that when they disappoint me, even though I am upset with them, I still love them. I am not one to yell and scream when I am upset.  One thing I have learned over the years is to listen and then take time to think about what they told me. So that when I respond, it is not out of hurt or anger.

When it’s all said and done, I want people to remember that they could talk to me. Even when the topic was hard or unpleasant, that I could be a person of reason, and that I was a place of comfort and forgiveness. I think if more people could talk about their disappointments and hurts there would be less of them. And wouldn’t that be great!

Put The World Away For A Minute

I’m tired today. Not a physical tired, more of a mental tired.  In this world of ours that moves so fast it can be wearisome trying to keep up. And for me today, I don’t want to try and keep up. I want to be on the beach with the sun shining down and just starting a good book. I want this beach to be deserted. I don’t want to see any signs of humanity (unless it’s the cabana boy refilling my beverage).

I am not unhappy; I fully realize that I am blessed. I just need some peace. Time away from the cares of this world, some time for me.  I’d like to put a little distance between reality and me.  There is a line in a song that keeps running through my head, “gonna put the world away for a minute, pretend I don’t live in it.

I think that pretty much captures my feelings just about now.  We all need moments to refresh and renew ourselves.  Sad to say, I think we don’t do enough of that. There always seems to be something that tugs on us, some responsibility that is always beckoning us. And in the event that we do take a bit of time for ourselves, I dare say that the thought of our responsibilities are not far off.

I have a lot to do today, I have several papers (I went back to school) due on Monday (yes, I have waited to the last minute). I have the chores around the house. I have several issues that pertain to the school I volunteer with. I had, shall we say an incident at my daughter’s school that took up some time. And I just started a new job.  You might be thinking so what, I do that too. Well you’re right, you probably do.

We all need to take some time. Real downtime, to recharge, renew, and refresh. So come along with me and put the world away for a minute and pretend you don’t live in it. Then go find a book, a beach, and a beer.