Unexpected Bliss

I just had a great moment and had to stop what I was doing to sit down and write about it. These moments happen for me at no particular time. I don’t have to be doing anything special, perhaps, that’s why they are so great.

Today I was working on the computer in between doing household chores. As I was folding laundry, I had this feeling that everything was right in my world.  It kinda felt like I won the lottery of happiness. This feeling of extreme happiness just washed over me. It is hard to put in words how it felt. Maybe it is when everything good in life culminates in a big cosmic hug and for that moment, it is wonderful. In that moment, you don’t have to stop and think about all that you are grateful for, you just are.

For me what makes these moments so special is that they are unexpected. I don’t see them coming. I think that sometimes the greatest gifts are unexpected. Those gifts don’t have to be expensive, for me they just have to be unexpected. Like the time I thought a dear friend forgot my birthday and showed up at my door at nine at night with a happy birthday sign. Or the time my kids pooled their money and got me a silly coffee mug. Oh, the sweetness of the unexpected.

So, I will hold tight to my moment of unexpected bliss, and make sure that the next time life seems to weigh heavy on my shoulders, I pull it out and wrap myself in the memory of it.  I wish I could tell you how to find your moment of unexpected bliss, but I can’t because they are unexpected. I dare say maybe it’s wrapped up in your everyday gratitude and when your cup gets so full that it runs over, then you have your moment.

Here’s to your cup running over and maybe, just maybe, a moment of unexpected bliss.