Mindful.  It is one of my favorite words.  It means to be aware, heedful, attentive, careful. It means to keep a thought or thoughts in your mind, to not forget.  In a time of my life  that I have trouble remembering anything (because my body thinks it’s old), mindful has become very important. The most important thing I try to be mindful of  is the finite amount of time we have here  on this earth.  The amount of time  I have to show the people I care  about, how much I love them.

Since my husband’s death almost 16 years ago, death has become a part of my life. Not that I think of death all the time, I’m not morbid, but people call me when someone has lost their spouse. They ask if I could talk to them, offer hope to them.  How can I say no? So many have helped me along the way.  So, over the years I have learned how to take this sad part of life and make it fit into my happy life. Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it?  Just because there is death, does that mean there is no joy? Of course not. Death lives right along side of life. I think maybe death is our reminder that life is short.  Death says “pay attention”  And unfortunately for some of us, thats the only time we do.  Even when we learn the painful lesson of death,  time passes and the impact fades and we forget some of  the things that we learned.

In helping those who have lost someone, it keeps me currently aware all the time. In someways I am fortunate to have these events .  So even though I am sad for those who have lost there loved ones it gives me a  gentle reminder that most people don’t get on a regular basis – to be mindful. It is one of the hardest things to do, to be heedful, to be attentive to the people in our lives.

Show the people in your life each day how much they mean. Doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture, maybe a hug, an unexpected call, a sweet I love you.

Maybe you could make mindful one of your favorite words too.