Letter Of Thanks

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. It was a most joyous event with people I love.

I wanted to share my Thank You note .

I have been remiss in my thank you for the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I think often how I have been blessed with your friendship and love.  I dare say that most people don’t have one friend as special as you are and I have 6!! I ponder how every year with you gets better!  When we are all together I think how Dave would have loved these trips. But in you, I have little pieces of him, so I guess he is always with us.  The saying that “good things come to those who wait” is true. It’s the waiting for those good things that can undo us.  Thank you for making the wait bearable.


Words can never  fully describe the feelings and impact you have had on me. You showed me God’s love even when I didn’t want to see it. I hope you can see that the lessons you have taught me about life, ( to be giving, to help those who need help, to be an example for others) are reflected in my life and that of my kids.


I am mindful of the gift God have given me – YOU!  You make my cup runneth over and I am going to need a bigger cup!  For that I will ALWAYS be thankful!

Lots of Love to you,