Unexpected Gift

Here is a letter I wrote to my daughter’s track coaches. They allowed my daughter, for one night to  be accepted as part of the team. They let her run in the 400m. She ran in the inside lane and the track team ran on the infield beside her.  The other competitors allowed her to win.  It was quite a show of support for my daughter

Many times in life we forget to thank people.  Here in a small way I want to say thanks.

Dear Coach Calderon and Coach Callis,

Thank you so much for the gift you gave to Emma and I on Friday. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life.  To you it was a kind gesture and that you may soon forget.  I want to share a bit of what it means to us.

For us it was a moment of acceptance.  To a young girl who has no friends and who people are mean to and ignore it meant a lot.  Just imagine your daughter comes home and asks why she has no friends.  How do you respond? When she asks why people don’t like her.  Why people call her slow or stupid.  These are hard questions for a parent to answer; sometimes when I search for words I have no answers.

The learning we get at school is so much more than just things in a book.  It can be about acceptance, kindness and giving. Some teachers and coaches forget that.  You did not.  A lesson like this teaches kids to think outside themselves and think of others.   You are the role models for our children and these things you do now impact a life forever, Sounds a bit dramatic but true.

So many times people only reach out to people when there is a problem.

I think it is important to reach out in thanks as well

So, thanks for reaching out to a young girl who needed you. Thanks for giving me the gift of a girl who fit in with everybody for one night.

What you do matters.

Thanks so much,


Cyndee Hopkins