Second Chapter

The first chapter in your life is all about love and building a family and a life,  Reaching into the unknown of marriage and having children.  Growing in ways that we couldn’t foresee. Becoming bigger and better than we thought we could be.

Then, when we get to the end of this first chapter( when the kids go off to college) and we look around, sometimes we feel lost.  Perhaps lost in our marriage  or lost in knowing who we are. Lost not sure what  direction to go. Forlorn.  We have focused so much on family, that we have lost a little of who we are. But take heart this is a glorious time to be you.  Now you have time  to  explore who you are and what you want.  To reconnect with your spouse in new ways. To reconnect with you.

This second chapter is something to embrace.  Tis not a time to morn the loss of what might have been.  It time to dream and dream big. To achieve those dreams. Life is not half over. Life in the second chapter is just beginning.

For me I embrace this second chapter.  I think sometimes we forget that it is not a right to grow old but a gift.  A gift that some never receive.

In this chapter I can be me.  Not worried about what others think. I can  enjoy silly moments and drink in the joy of important ones. No my friends, life in the second chapter is far from over,  Its just beginning.  So hop on your train, grab your tiger by the tail or jump in with both feet and eyes wide open and say, look out world here I come!

That’s The Way I See It!