Your Time

When you become a Mom you quickly learn that it no longer is all about you. You do this a little when get married, but it really kicks in when you have children. The sleep late do  as I what  want attitude is out the window. Our time is spent fulfilling the wishes of others.  Making sure others are taken care of.  It is hard not to lose your sense of self.

People tell you to make time for yourself. “Right” you think .  When do I have time for that? I know how you feel. I have been there.  The feeling of just wanting to talk to a grown up and for lunch to have a real meal and not just eat off the kids plate.

I am not here to tell you it is easy, but I am going to say that one day it will be your time. A time to pursue the pastimes you enjoy.  Not that we don’t enjoy our children.  They are truly gifts from God.   Sometimes our “gifts” do wear us out!

So what’s a girl to do? Once every few weeks make time for yourself.  Your first response probably  is you can’t but you can. Put it on the calender and make an appointment  with yourself.  Surround your self with people that enrich your life. Take a deep breathe and pray. And when I say pray, I don’t mean that you have to ask for something from the Father. Just talk. Talk about your day.  Let Him be your best friend.  Let Him guide you.

When your kids are grown a new chapter starts in your life.  A chapter that will bring a renewed sense of self.  You will have become older wiser and more beautiful.  You will have a confidence that only comes with experience and it will be your time.

That’s The Way I See It